God The Love

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Just love, the rest will come.
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No one taught me this,
Nobody told me how
To find the way in time.
For that I’ve got a life.
But always I'm sure I can say
To what God I am slave.

A name of the God is well known,
It is the God of sinners having pure souls
No matter how many letters
This name has or four or six,
In the all languages it is the same.

It means that you must believe in
That you cannot see,
You must sacrifice yourself
And all that you have
For becoming for the God
A worthy slave.

The name of the God is glorified,
Is glorified enough.
It is the God of sparkling eyes and broken lives.
No matter how many letters
This name has or four or six,
Already in the God not everyone believes.

Not everyone believes,
But everyone would like,
Many say: it's no modern God,
But they dream and dream about it.

Don't use the name in vain.
Don't confuse it with respect or sympathy.
It's just another.
This God can show you what is true pain and true euphoria.
It's just a secret, it's ust a mystery without a key.


from re: mine, released October 1, 2010
Anna THEreminGIRL: music, lyrics, all instruments.



all rights reserved


THEreminGIRL город Москва, Russian Federation

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